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The Kahani Project went and met some incredible people on Independence Day 2015.

Avasara Storython!

Avasara Storython!

A storython of 21 stories narrated by 21 little girls of the Avasara Academy, Mumbai. The students of the Avasara Leadership Fellows (ALF) came together to record and share stories in audio and video with children across the world through The Kahani Project. About the Avasara Leadership Fellows: The Avasara Leadership Fellows a non-profit after-school enrichment program that adds deep value to the educational experience of motivated young women by providing academic […]

The Little Dutch Boy (The Hero of Haarlem)

The story of The Little Dutch Boy Who Saved The Dikes enthralled the children today (6th July, 2014). The story is about a Dutch boy who on finding a leak in a Dike decides to plug the hole with his finger. His heroism saved the entire city as the Dike would have otherwise given away if the hole was not plugged in time. The story is also known as the Hero of Haarlem. […]

Welcome to The Kahani Project

Hello and welcome to The Kahani Project. The Kahani (Hindi word for Story) Project aims to bring together storytellers from across the world who want to set stories free. We believe that listening to stories is a fundamental right of every child and captured in digital audio format stories can be made more accessible and available to children of all age groups, nationalities and disabilities. The Kahani Project aims to […]

Become a Storyteller: How To Guide

Become a Storyteller: How To Guide

Storytelling can be a delightful activity. Through the Kahani Project, you can become a storyteller and reach out to thousands of people from your home or work desk. Here is a quick start guide on how what you will need to get started. Just follow the directions provided here and you will be on your way to becoming a famous storyteller.

Living Stories : Storytelling Traditions of India

India is a land of storytellers and storytelling. The Living Stories film takes us on journey to different parts of India, to explore the different kinds of story telling arts in India- from Padvani, a story telling art in Chhattisgarh, to Kathakali, in Kerala.

The Technology of Storytelling

Storytelling can take on myriad forms. Joes Sabia tells his stories through the iPad. In this talk on he introduces us to Lothar Meggendorfer, who created the children”s pop-up book. From neolithic cave walls to the iPad, technology has set stories free and made storytelling more delightful. The Kahani Project is a step in the same direction. Learn more about Lothar Meggendorfer here