Amol Goshti by Sane Guruji (Marathi)

संस्कारक्षम अश्या लहान वयातच मुलांना नैतिक शिकवण देणाऱ्या थोरामोठ्यांच्या गोष्टी सांगितल्या तर मुलांचे व्यक्तिमत्त्व फुलविण्यास त्या नक्कीच मदत करतात. साने गुरुजींनी लिहिलेले अमोल गोष्टी हे पुस्तक असंच असून साध्या सोप्या भाषेमुळे व त्यातील नितीगुणांमुळे त्या गोष्टी मुलांनी जरूर वाचाव्यात. हा अमोल खजिना खरोखर मूल्यशिक्षण घडविणाराच आहे.

Aagdum Baagdum

What happens when two thugs meet each other? Who will outdo the other? A hilarious story by Sunirmal Basu from the book Aalor Phulki published by Pashchim Banga Bangla Akademi.

The Trojan Horse

The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and win the war. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside.

Aadmi Aur Parchai : A Dialogue between a Man and his Shadow

The shadow of a man wants to run away. An interesting dialogue follows between the man and his shadow. The man explained to the shadow about its importance and how it has shaped human knowledge and understanding through the times.

Takloo, The Little Salt Seller By Pratham Books

This is a story about little Takloo who stays near the salty sea with his loving family. Written by a clinical psychologist, this book can be used to teach many concepts. It also encourages young readers to make up their own stories.

Basava Ani Prakashachey Thipke (Basva and the Dots of Fire)

Basava goes to the forest to collect firewood for his mother everyday. But one day, it grows dark and he is not able to find his way home. This is when Basava discovers the glowing dots of fire that light up the forest.

The Little Dutch Boy (The Hero of Haarlem)

The story of The Little Dutch Boy Who Saved The Dikes enthralled the children today (6th July, 2014). The story is about a Dutch boy who on finding a leak in a Dike decides to plug the hole with his finger. His heroism saved the entire city as the Dike would have otherwise given away if the hole was not plugged in time. The story is also known as the Hero of Haarlem. […]

Dennischya Goshti (The Adventures of Dennis)

I like to lie on my stomach, slung over Daddy’s knee, with my arms and legs dangling like wash on a line. I like to play chess, checkers and dominoes, but only if I win. If don’t, I don’t.
I like to listen to a beetle scratching inside a box. And on Sundays I like to crawl into bed beside Daddy so we can talk about our dog. As soon as we move to a bigger apartment we’re going to buy a dog and train it, and feed it, and it’ll be a very intelligent and bouncy dog, and it’ll steal lump sugar, and I’ll wipe up all its puddles, and it’ll follow me around like a devoted dog.

Chuskit Goes To School

Chuskit Goes To School

Nine year old Chuskit longed to go to school, to make friends, learn math and play games. But she could not …. until Adbul decided to do something about it.

The Librarian of Basra

Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. Her library that has 30,000 books, is a meeting place for the book lovers of the city. The library has books in hundreds of different languages and even has a 700 year old book on Prophet Muhammad. Alia loves her library and the books. They are dearer to her than mountains of gold. As Iraq heads into war, Alia fears for her library and the books. Will she be able to save the books and the library or will the war destroy everything? This is a beautiful story about how one person’s conviction and love can move mountains; literally.