Ganpatrao and His Four Selfish Sons

This story is set in the heart of Pune, in the year 1920. There lived a wealthy old man- Ganpatrao who lived in a big mansion (typically called as ‘wada’ in Pune). Ganpatrao lived with his 4 middle aged sons in this mansion, where there was a beautiful big lawn in front of the mansion.

Rupa the Elephant

Story Title: Rupa the Elephant
Storyteller: Sowmya Srinivasan
Author: Mickey Patel
Language: English
Rupa the Elephant by Mickey Patel is a cute short story with beautiful illustrations for children with wonderful crisp narration. It is the story of a zoo elephant Rupa, who feels that he looks ugly. His close friend Chinchi the bird, finds out his sorrow and takes help of its other friends in the zoo to lend some beautiful colours to Rupa.

Chhan Chhan Goshti – Beautiful Stories

Chhan Chhan Goshti – Beautiful Stories

This is a collection of Marathi stories from the book Chaan Chaan Goshti. The stories have been recorded Madhavrao Wable for Bolti Pustake. For full playlist of stories click here.

The Boy And The Apple Tree

How much do we take from our dear nature everyday; food, water, air that we breath, our whole existence is rooted in nature. The question is do we even recognize this? This heart touching story will ask you the same question

Nadi Aur Parvat

A river once wondered, what is the purpose of this ever changing world with no time to rest, she felt jealous of the mountain who has all the time in the world to stand at one place and never do anything. Whose life is better? Well, the wise mountain has got the answer. Listen to this story.