Turtle Tales – Celebrating turtles with stories from across the world

Turtle Tales – Celebrating turtles with stories from across the world

May 23rd is World Turtle Day and this feature celebrates turtles. We dug into world mythology and folktales to unearth stories about turtles from across the globe and across human history. These stories come from North America, Africa, India and Japan.

The Fisherman and the Djinn

A poor fisherman knows that if he doesn't catch any fish he will go hungry. But what happens when he catches a terrifying djinn?

The Whale and the Buddha

The Whale thinks that he’s the biggest. But soon he hears whispers that there is something bigger than he is. When he finds out that it is the Diabutsu – or Buddha statue – in Kamakura, he goes there to see for himself. Listen to know what he finds out.

Silence is Golden

This is an English story about a man and his wife who have one less roti for dinner one night. How do they resolve this problem? Who all get involved? Find out in this hilarious ghost story.

Chal Re Bhoplya Tunuk Tunuk

Meet a clever old woman who manages to outwit a hungry tiger and a wolf. This Marathi song is very popular among children.

Anansi Brings Stories to the World

Anansi the spider knew there was something missing from the earth, and that thing was stories. He was a very clever trickster but getting the stories from the Sky God would not be easy. There would be a high price to pay and Anansi would need all his trickery if he was to succeed.

Sheyal Keno Hukka Hua Kore (Why does the jackal go hukka hua)

Why does the jackal go hukka-hua! This is a fun Santhali tale from rural West Bengal.

Khushbu Aur Khankhanahat – Mullah Nasruddin

Story Title: Khushbu Aur Khankhanahat
Storyteller: Madhur Anand
Author: Unknown
Language: Hindi
What is the cost of Seekh Kabab’s smell? A poor man is caught by shopkeeper while he warms his bread on the shopkeepers hearth. The shopkeeper demands money from the poor man and a argument ensues. This is when Mulla Nasruddin steps in. Find out what happens next. A delightful Mulla Nasruddin tale.

I Will Be A Hummingbird; I Will Do The Best I Can

In this beautifully animated clip from Dirt! The Movie, Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best even if everyone around you has given up.

Basava Ani Prakashachey Thipke (Basva and the Dots of Fire)

Basava goes to the forest to collect firewood for his mother everyday. But one day, it grows dark and he is not able to find his way home. This is when Basava discovers the glowing dots of fire that light up the forest.