Premal Bhoot (The Loving Ghost)

The word ‘Bhoot'(ghost) usually evokes fear, but is it possible for a ghost to be ‘Premal’ (loving)? A loving ghost meets a young boy and they quickly become friends. In the course of talking and laughing, they discover that by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, one can not only understand the other person better but in the process also overcome one’s fears.

Basava Ani Prakashachey Thipke (Basva and the Dots of Fire)

Basava goes to the forest to collect firewood for his mother everyday. But one day, it grows dark and he is not able to find his way home. This is when Basava discovers the glowing dots of fire that light up the forest.

Dadi Ki Sari (Granmother’s Sari)

Grandmother's favourite sari is blown away by the wind. Anu and her grandmother set out to look for it. They meet a policeman, a neighbour and a fish seller on their way. Do they find the sari? Listen to find out.

Nadi Aur Parvat

A river once wondered, what is the purpose of this ever changing world with no time to rest, she felt jealous of the mountain who has all the time in the world to stand at one place and never do anything. Whose life is better? Well, the wise mountain has got the answer. Listen to this story.

A Curly Tale

A poor cobbler wants to become rich quickly. He seeks the help of a holy man who assigns Bhootram, the a ghost, to help him become rich. The only catch is that Bhootram must be kept engaged all the time or he will eat the cobbler and his wife! What will they do?