6 Degrees of Love – A Valentine’s Day Special

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love and it myriad forms. Here are six stories that will make you fall in love again! 1. Love for your heritage – Basra Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. Her library has been a meeting place for those who love books. Until now. Now war has come, and Alia fears that the library will be destroyed forever. 2. Love for fellow creatures […]

Dennischya Goshti (The Adventures of Dennis)

I like to lie on my stomach, slung over Daddy’s knee, with my arms and legs dangling like wash on a line. I like to play chess, checkers and dominoes, but only if I win. If don’t, I don’t.
I like to listen to a beetle scratching inside a box. And on Sundays I like to crawl into bed beside Daddy so we can talk about our dog. As soon as we move to a bigger apartment we’re going to buy a dog and train it, and feed it, and it’ll be a very intelligent and bouncy dog, and it’ll steal lump sugar, and I’ll wipe up all its puddles, and it’ll follow me around like a devoted dog.

Thank You Ma’am

A small boy who wanted to buy blue sued shoes tries to steal a woman’s purse but the purse was so heavy and the boy so small that he tripped and fell instead of running away. The women caught the boy and taught him a lesson for life.

Gordon The Goat

Gordon was just like any other goat. He always did what every other goat did, blindly follow the leader. But one day, he had an experience that forever changed the way he thought. Now he leads himself and does not do things just because everyone else is also doing it.

Kabuliwala By Rabindranath Tagore

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The Story of Ferdinand

The Story in Hindi Full Text of Story Once upon a time in Spain there was a little bull and his name was Ferdinand. All the other little bulls he lived with would run and jump and butt their heads together, but not Ferdinand. He liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers. He had a favorite spot out in the pasture under a cork tree. It was his […]

Idgah by Munshi Premchand

Hamid with his small Idi goes with the other boys to the village fair. While all the other boys buy themselves toys, sweets, knick knacks, Hamid picks up a tong. A chimka for his grandmother… whose finger get burnt every time he turns the roti.

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

This is the story of Sadako Sasaki. Sadako was 2 years old when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945. She and her family escaped unhurt except her grandmother who died later that evening. Sadako grew up to be a happy young girl and an enthusiastic sprinter until the dizzy spells started and she was diagnosed of leukaemia or blood cancer. Fighting with her condition in the hospital and struggling to get back to her family, Sadako was told by her brother that she could have her wish come true if she folder 1000 paper cranes. Sadako folded 644 paper cranes in all, hoping against hope to survive. With her family by her side, Sadako died on the morning of October 25, 1955 at the age of 12.