Nani Ki Nav (Grandmother’s Boat)

A hilarious poem by by Harindra Nath Chattopadhyay. The poem is in the genre of literary nonsense. Find the full text in Hindi below. The poem has been recited by renowned Indian toy inventor and populariser of science – Arvind Gupta.

The Louse and the Mosquito

The Louse and The Mosquito is a delightful poem by Vikram Seth from his book Beastly Tales From Here And There. This poem is based on an Indian legend. A kind hearted louse, who lives with his family in a king’s quilt, allows a clever mosquito to become a guest just for one night. Trouble begins when the impatient mosquito ends up biting the king despite strict instructions from the louse. The moral of the poem is that is is not always beneficial to be too generous and hospitable.

Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid) from Abol Tabol

Budir Baadi (The Old Woman’s House) from Abol Tabol

This is a sad poem about an old woman and her house. The comic lines are really meant to bring about the tragedy of the old woman and the condition in which she lives in.

Khuror Kol (Chandidas Uncle’s Machine) from Abol Tabol

This is a story of a boy who has made a unique invention. He claims that he has created a contraption that can reduce travel time to any destination by half.

Haath Gonona (Palm Reading) from Abol Tabol

Another hilarious poem from the Abol Tabol compilation of Bengali poems written by Sukumar Ray. This poem is about an old happy man who one day decides to get his palm read. Gloom and sadness descends on him when he is told that he will die one day.

Tyash Goru (Strange Cow) from Abol Tabol

A cow that really is a bird – Meet Tash Goru. This is a poem from the hilarious Bengali poem compilation Abol Tabol (Gibberish in Benagli) by Sukumar Ray.

Kitabein (An Ode to Books)

Kitabein is a poem by Safdar Hashmi about the beautiful world of books.