Pagla Dashu

Discover one of Bengali children literature’s most famous and endearing character – Pagla Dashu. Dashu is a school boy, famous for his crazy ideas and often inexplicable acts that carry subtle, comedic satire. Presented here are three stories from the Pagla Dashu Series:

The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Find out what happens to a wolf dressed in a sheep's skin when tries to blend in with a shepherd's flock of sheep. Will the wolf successfully have a feast? Or will someone intervene and save the sheep from becoming the wolf's dinner?

Koshish Karne Waalon Ki…

Koshish Karne Waalon Ki…

कोशिश करने वालों की हार नहीं होती, ऐसे लोग अक्सर कहतें हैं| क्या यह सच है? कवी हरिवंश राय बच्चनने यह साबित करने का प्रयत्न किया है|

The Fisherman and the Djinn

A poor fisherman knows that if he doesn't catch any fish he will go hungry. But what happens when he catches a terrifying djinn?

The Dog and his Bone

The age-old favourite of the dog and his bone is told here in Sindhi. Find out what happens to the stray dog with the bone when he meets another fellow just like him with a bone that’s just like his.

Sindhi Stories

The Sindhi language is a living reminder of the ancient roots of this community.

Garud Ani Ghubad

Find out what happens when old enemies decide that it is time to be friends. The owl and the eagle have decided to bury the hatchet. But will the hungry eagle be able to recognise the owl’s little ones? Will the owl’s description help?

Indradhanush Prithvi Par Utra

Saptam the Rainbow is eager to see Earth from close by. So he visits and asks the trees and the waterfall for a place to stay. But they turn him down. What will happen next? Find out in this Hindi story about the adventures of Saptam the rainbow on Earth,

Rail Pe

Rail Pe is a Hindi poem about the characters that one invariably encounters on a train. With the carriage crammed to capacity, the wisest thing to do is enjoy the company of your co-travellers.

Bindiyon wala Patta – Part 2

Meeta Kanwar needs Inspector Sherman’s help to decipher the strange behaviour of Dr. Ghoshal, her step-father. Is the doctor planning something sinister? Murder?