Dinunche Bill – Dinu’s Bill (Marathi)

Dinunche Bill – Dinu’s Bill (Marathi)

Dinunche Bill (Dinu’s Bill in Marathi) is a heart warming Marathi story of a young boy named Dinu who on understanding what a ‘Bill’ means presents his mother with a bill for the work he did the day before. The mother pays the bill amount promptly but writes another bill in Dinu’s name. The bill contains a list of all tasks that she has done to bring Dinu up through his birth and childhood, only this time the amount stated in the bill is zero. Dinu is a story written by renowned Marathi author Acharya Atre.

नऊ लघू कथा – रवींद्रनाथ टागोर

नऊ लघू कथा – रवींद्रनाथ टागोर

या वेळी आम्ही प्रदर्शित करत आहोत भारतातील पहिले साहित्यिक नोबेल पुरस्कार विजेते गुरुदेव रवींद्रनाथ टागोर यांच्या नऊ लघू कथा. ज्या मध्ये आपण भेटाल फटीक ला, मिनी आणि काबुली वाल्या ला, रतन आणि पोस्ट मास्तरांना.

The Day of the Bubble by James A. Smith

This is the story of Homer – a very curious young boy who is always doing science experiments. Homer mixes all kinds of things – shampoo, glue, coaltar to produce the biggest soap bubble on earth. The big bubble rolls down the hill and wraps everything on its way. What happens next? To know the answer read this exciting scientific tale.

Garud Ani Ghubad

Find out what happens when old enemies decide that it is time to be friends. The owl and the eagle have decided to bury the hatchet. But will the hungry eagle be able to recognise the owl’s little ones? Will the owl’s description help?

Ek Hoti Aaji Ani Ek Hoti Naat

When a grandmother and her granddaughter have a sudden urge to meet each other they set out at once. But since they start their journey at the same time, chaos and confusion ensue.

श्यामची आई – Shyamchi Aai

Shyamchi Aai is hailed as one of the greatest tributes to mother’s love in Marathi literature. It was written by famous author and social activist Sane Guruji.

Amol Goshti by Sane Guruji (Marathi)

संस्कारक्षम अश्या लहान वयातच मुलांना नैतिक शिकवण देणाऱ्या थोरामोठ्यांच्या गोष्टी सांगितल्या तर मुलांचे व्यक्तिमत्त्व फुलविण्यास त्या नक्कीच मदत करतात. साने गुरुजींनी लिहिलेले अमोल गोष्टी हे पुस्तक असंच असून साध्या सोप्या भाषेमुळे व त्यातील नितीगुणांमुळे त्या गोष्टी मुलांनी जरूर वाचाव्यात. हा अमोल खजिना खरोखर मूल्यशिक्षण घडविणाराच आहे.

Premal Bhoot (The Loving Ghost)

The word ‘Bhoot'(ghost) usually evokes fear, but is it possible for a ghost to be ‘Premal’ (loving)? A loving ghost meets a young boy and they quickly become friends. In the course of talking and laughing, they discover that by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, one can not only understand the other person better but in the process also overcome one’s fears.

I Will Be A Hummingbird; I Will Do The Best I Can

In this beautifully animated clip from Dirt! The Movie, Wangari Maathai tells an inspiring tale of doing the best even if everyone around you has given up.

Takloo, The Little Salt Seller By Pratham Books

This is a story about little Takloo who stays near the salty sea with his loving family. Written by a clinical psychologist, this book can be used to teach many concepts. It also encourages young readers to make up their own stories.