Naya Naya Ye School Hamara

A new school holds so many things to excite and fascinate young children. This Hindi song is a list of those wonderful things.

Aadmi Aur Parchai : A Dialogue between a Man and his Shadow

The shadow of a man wants to run away. An interesting dialogue follows between the man and his shadow. The man explained to the shadow about its importance and how it has shaped human knowledge and understanding through the times.

Khushbu Aur Khankhanahat – Mullah Nasruddin

Story Title: Khushbu Aur Khankhanahat
Storyteller: Madhur Anand
Author: Unknown
Language: Hindi
What is the cost of Seekh Kabab’s smell? A poor man is caught by shopkeeper while he warms his bread on the shopkeepers hearth. The shopkeeper demands money from the poor man and a argument ensues. This is when Mulla Nasruddin steps in. Find out what happens next. A delightful Mulla Nasruddin tale.

Takloo, The Little Salt Seller By Pratham Books

This is a story about little Takloo who stays near the salty sea with his loving family. Written by a clinical psychologist, this book can be used to teach many concepts. It also encourages young readers to make up their own stories.

Dadi Ki Sari (Granmother’s Sari)

Grandmother's favourite sari is blown away by the wind. Anu and her grandmother set out to look for it. They meet a policeman, a neighbour and a fish seller on their way. Do they find the sari? Listen to find out.

Kichu Kenchua (Kichu the Earthworm)

Kinchu the earthworm decides to go out for a walk despite her mother’s warnings. What follows is an adventure where she dodges a hungry chicken, a proud mayna and a ferocious vulture before being saved miraculously from the mouth of a frog.

Hathi Aur Kutte Ki Dosti

A story about an unusual friendship between a dog and an elephant.

Nadi Aur Parvat

A river once wondered, what is the purpose of this ever changing world with no time to rest, she felt jealous of the mountain who has all the time in the world to stand at one place and never do anything. Whose life is better? Well, the wise mountain has got the answer. Listen to this story.

Chuskit Goes To School

Chuskit Goes To School

Nine year old Chuskit longed to go to school, to make friends, learn math and play games. But she could not …. until Adbul decided to do something about it.

The Librarian of Basra

Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. Her library that has 30,000 books, is a meeting place for the book lovers of the city. The library has books in hundreds of different languages and even has a 700 year old book on Prophet Muhammad. Alia loves her library and the books. They are dearer to her than mountains of gold. As Iraq heads into war, Alia fears for her library and the books. Will she be able to save the books and the library or will the war destroy everything? This is a beautiful story about how one person’s conviction and love can move mountains; literally.