What Ramadan Really Means

Ali brings his cycle to a halt and leans it against a broken brick wall of Biryani Mahal, a small city hotel where he works. Ali is a tall yet skinny fourteen-year-old boy, who lives in the big colourful city of Hyderabad. He shakes his long unruly hair from over his charcoal black eyes and wipes his hands with a dirty cloth as he prepares for the day ahead. Biryani Mahal is known for its spicy, hot, and delicious Biryani (An Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat or vegetables).

Turtle Tales – Celebrating turtles with stories from across the world

Turtle Tales – Celebrating turtles with stories from across the world

May 23rd is World Turtle Day and this feature celebrates turtles. We dug into world mythology and folktales to unearth stories about turtles from across the globe and across human history. These stories come from North America, Africa, India and Japan.

The Day of the Bubble by James A. Smith

This is the story of Homer – a very curious young boy who is always doing science experiments. Homer mixes all kinds of things – shampoo, glue, coaltar to produce the biggest soap bubble on earth. The big bubble rolls down the hill and wraps everything on its way. What happens next? To know the answer read this exciting scientific tale.

Selected Short Stories by Leo Tolstoy

Selected Short Stories by Leo Tolstoy

A collection of short stories by Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (Leo Tolstoy – 1828-1910.)

The Wolf in Sheep’s Skin

Find out what happens to a wolf dressed in a sheep's skin when tries to blend in with a shepherd's flock of sheep. Will the wolf successfully have a feast? Or will someone intervene and save the sheep from becoming the wolf's dinner?

The Whale and the Buddha

The Whale thinks that he’s the biggest. But soon he hears whispers that there is something bigger than he is. When he finds out that it is the Diabutsu – or Buddha statue – in Kamakura, he goes there to see for himself. Listen to know what he finds out.

The Magic Slipper

Kentaro – a young Japanese boy – is given a magic slipper by a mysterious old man. Will the slipper help Kentaro care for his ailing mother?

Silence is Golden

This is an English story about a man and his wife who have one less roti for dinner one night. How do they resolve this problem? Who all get involved? Find out in this hilarious ghost story.

Anansi Brings Stories to the World

Anansi the spider knew there was something missing from the earth, and that thing was stories. He was a very clever trickster but getting the stories from the Sky God would not be easy. There would be a high price to pay and Anansi would need all his trickery if he was to succeed.

The Indigo Terror by Satyajit Ray

This is a horror story written by Satyajit Ray about the terrors of indigo farming in East India. The original story “Neel-Atanka” by Satyajit Ray was first published in Sharodiya Sandesh in BE 1375 (1968), and later collected in Galpo 101, both published by the Ananda Publishers, Kolkata, India.