Pagla Dashu

Discover one of Bengali children literature’s most famous and endearing character – Pagla Dashu. Dashu is a school boy, famous for his crazy ideas and often inexplicable acts that carry subtle, comedic satire. Presented here are three stories from the Pagla Dashu Series:

Byang Aar Haati (The Frog and the Elephant)

A proud frog and his wife meet an elephant in the jungle.

Sheyal Keno Hukka Hua Kore (Why does the jackal go hukka hua)

Why does the jackal go hukka-hua! This is a fun Santhali tale from rural West Bengal.

Aagdum Baagdum

What happens when two thugs meet each other? Who will outdo the other? A hilarious story by Sunirmal Basu from the book Aalor Phulki published by Pashchim Banga Bangla Akademi.

Bhool Swarga (The Wrong Heaven) by Rabindranath Tagore

The man was quite a loafer. He did not have any work to do, but had lots of hobbies.
He used to pour earth into little wooden moulds and decorate them with oyster-shells. From a distance it looked like a hazy picture with a flight of birds in it; or like an uneven field with cattle grazing; or maybe like an undulating hilly landscape with a stream or a hikers’ path running across it.

His folks used to rebuke him. Sometimes he also thought that he would give up all these crazy ideas. But craziness refused to leave him alone.