Pagla Dashu

Discover one of Bengali children literature’s most famous and endearing character – Pagla Dashu. Dashu is a school boy, famous for his crazy ideas and often inexplicable acts that carry subtle, comedic satire. Presented here are three stories from the Pagla Dashu Series:

Byang Aar Haati (The Frog and the Elephant)

A proud frog and his wife meet an elephant in the jungle.

Sheyal Keno Hukka Hua Kore (Why does the jackal go hukka hua)

Why does the jackal go hukka-hua! This is a fun Santhali tale from rural West Bengal.

Aagdum Baagdum

What happens when two thugs meet each other? Who will outdo the other? A hilarious story by Sunirmal Basu from the book Aalor Phulki published by Pashchim Banga Bangla Akademi.

Bhool Swarga (The Wrong Heaven) by Rabindranath Tagore

The man was quite a loafer. He did not have any work to do, but had lots of hobbies.
He used to pour earth into little wooden moulds and decorate them with oyster-shells. From a distance it looked like a hazy picture with a flight of birds in it; or like an uneven field with cattle grazing; or maybe like an undulating hilly landscape with a stream or a hikers’ path running across it.

His folks used to rebuke him. Sometimes he also thought that he would give up all these crazy ideas. But craziness refused to leave him alone.

Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid) from Abol Tabol

Budir Baadi (The Old Woman’s House) from Abol Tabol

This is a sad poem about an old woman and her house. The comic lines are really meant to bring about the tragedy of the old woman and the condition in which she lives in.

Khuror Kol (Chandidas Uncle’s Machine) from Abol Tabol

This is a story of a boy who has made a unique invention. He claims that he has created a contraption that can reduce travel time to any destination by half.

Haath Gonona (Palm Reading) from Abol Tabol

Another hilarious poem from the Abol Tabol compilation of Bengali poems written by Sukumar Ray. This poem is about an old happy man who one day decides to get his palm read. Gloom and sadness descends on him when he is told that he will die one day.

Tyash Goru (Strange Cow) from Abol Tabol

A cow that really is a bird – Meet Tash Goru. This is a poem from the hilarious Bengali poem compilation Abol Tabol (Gibberish in Benagli) by Sukumar Ray.