Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid) from Abol Tabol


Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid Of Me) is one of the most popular Bengali poems. The poem features in the Abol Tabol compilation of humorous poems by Sukumar Ray.



Poem Title: Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid Of Me)
Author: Sukumar Ray
Storyteller: Erica Taraporevala
Language: Bengali



  1. This one is for the generations. Remember standing in front of a packed audience in the New Delhi, Kamla Nagar Durga Puja as a 5 year old and reciting this poem. I think I forgot the lines, but, what fun it was the audience kept egging me on 🙂

  2. Bhoye Peo Na (Don’t Be Afraid Of Me: i coundnt find the source or way to hear this poem . similar is the problem with many of the stories and poems mentioned on the website

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