Ramayana – The Legend of Prince Rama

Takloo, The Little Salt Seller By Pratham Books

This is a story about little Takloo who stays near the salty sea with his loving family. Written by a clinical psychologist, this book can be used to teach many concepts. It also encourages young readers to make up their own stories.

Basava Ani Prakashachey Thipke (Basva and the Dots of Fire)

Basava goes to the forest to collect firewood for his mother everyday. But one day, it grows dark and he is not able to find his way home. This is when Basava discovers the glowing dots of fire that light up the forest.

The Little Dutch Boy (The Hero of Haarlem)

The story of The Little Dutch Boy Who Saved The Dikes enthralled the children today (6th July, 2014). The story is about a Dutch boy who on finding a leak in a Dike decides to plug the hole with his finger. His heroism saved the entire city as the Dike would have otherwise given away if the hole was not plugged in time. The story is also known as the Hero of Haarlem. […]

Chhan Chhan Goshti – Beautiful Stories

Chhan Chhan Goshti – Beautiful Stories

This is a collection of Marathi stories from the book Chaan Chaan Goshti. The stories have been recorded Madhavrao Wable for Bolti Pustake. For full playlist of stories click here.

Why Bats Hang Upside Down

Have you ever wondered why bats hang upside down? This story explains why. Beautifully told by master storyteller Vikram Sridhar.

Churning of the Ocean of Milk (A Tale from Indian Mythology)

At the suggestion of Vishnu the gods, (devas) and demons (asuras) churn the primeval ocean in order to obtain Amrita which will guarantee them immortality. To churn the ocean they used the Serpent King, Vasuki, for their churning-string. For a churning pole they use Mount Mandara placed on the back of a Great Tortoise – the Kurma Avatar of Vishnu.

6 Degrees of Love – A Valentine’s Day Special

This Valentine’s Day celebrate love and it myriad forms. Here are six stories that will make you fall in love again! 1. Love for your heritage – Basra Alia Muhammad Baker is a librarian in Basra, Iraq. Her library has been a meeting place for those who love books. Until now. Now war has come, and Alia fears that the library will be destroyed forever. 2. Love for fellow creatures […]

The Boy And The Apple Tree

How much do we take from our dear nature everyday; food, water, air that we breath, our whole existence is rooted in nature. The question is do we even recognize this? This heart touching story will ask you the same question

Thank You Ma’am

A small boy who wanted to buy blue sued shoes tries to steal a woman’s purse but the purse was so heavy and the boy so small that he tripped and fell instead of running away. The women caught the boy and taught him a lesson for life.