Akbar and Birbal Series – Birbal Ki Khichdi


Story Title: Birbal Ki Khichdi
Author: from Akbar Birbal series
Storyteller: Aditi Kumari


Emperor Akbar (Akbar the Great, 3rd Mughal Emperoro, 15 October 1542 – 27 October 1605) went on a tour near the Yamuna River along with his ministers. Seeing the cold weather, Akbar decided to declare a special prize money for the person who could stand an entire night in the cold water of the Yamuna River. The challenge is accepted by a poor citizen. The poor citizen stood in the river shivering all night.
Next day, when the poor citizen reached the emperor”s court to ask for the prize, the emperor asked him how he managed to stand in the cold water through the night. The poor person told him that he focused on the wick of a candle burning across the river and that helped him stay focused and pass his time. On listening the story, the emperor refused to gives the reward to the poor person reasoning that the warmth from the candle helped him stay in the water. The poor citizen then ran to Birbal (the wise minister) to seek help. What happens next?

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Read the complete story at MoralStories.org: http://www.moralstories.org/birbals-khichririce/

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