सैंडी आणि साइमन (Where is Simon, Sandy?)



he story of Sandy and Simon is an old Caribbean folktale believed to be originated from a real incident, kept alive since generations through the oral tradition.

On the Caicos Islands, a man named Simon used to deliver fresh water from the well to the people of his town. Sandy was his donkey that used to carry the buckets of water. One day, Simon didn’t come out to fetch Sandy at his usual time. Sandy nevertheless went to the well, stood there for a while and walked through the same route on which they delivered water. The children playing on the street became intrigued by Simon’s absence and started following Sandy. Listen to the story to find out what had happened to Simon and how water delivery with Sandy became a delightful everyday event for the children!


Story Title: सैंडी आणि साइमन
Author: Donna Seim
Illustrator: Susan Spellman
Translator: Unknown
Storyteller: Sunanda Hulyalkar

Story: Where is SImon, Sandy?
Author: Donna Seim
Susan Spellman
Storyteller: Tiffany West
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Interview with Author Donna Seim on her book, ‘Where is Simon, Sandy?’


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