भूत पकडणारा न्हावी (The Ghost Catcher)



There once lived a kind and generous barber who loved listening to people’s stories as he cut their hair. However, the barber had a weakness. Out of kindness, he couldn’t charge those who shared their woes and troubles with him. This way, the barber’s earnings took a toll and the barber decided to travel out of his town for better business. After working throughout the day, at nightfall, he chose to take rest and sleep under a banyan tree. Little did he know that the banyan tree was a home to ghosts! Hearing the barber’s snoring, a small ghost descended from the tree and laughed as it announced that it was going to feast on the barber. Startled with the noise, the barber woke up and saw the little scary ghost. The barber quickly thinks of a plan to save his life and shoo away the ghost. But how can a barber scare a ghost?

Listen to this Bangla folktale and find out how an ordinary barber turns into a ‘The Ghost Catcher’.

Story Title: भूत पकडणारा न्हावी
Author: Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss
Illustration: Kristen Balouch 
Translation: Ashwini Barve
Storyteller: Sunanda Hulyalkar




Story Title: ভুত আর নাপিত (Ghost and the Barber)

Storyteller: Maha Cartoon TV XD Bangla

Story Title: The Ghost Catcher
Author: Martha Hamilton
Storyteller: FirstCry Intelli

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About the Author – Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss

Ghosts in Bangla culture
Ghosts are an integral part of Bangla folklore, Bangla festivities and Bangla culture. According to the Bangla culture, ghosts are spirits that stay behind in our world because of unfulfilled desires. Ghosts are even classified under different names according to their characteristics and habits as per Bangla folklores. Read the links below to know more about ghosts in Bangla culture –
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