भिक्षुक का जादू


A poor old man comes to a village, settles down in a modest abode and feeds himself by asking for food from people. The village’s children were the first to notice about his unusual powers and among these children was Fu Nan. Very soon, through his magic, in his brief stay at the village, the poor old man rights a few wrongs and teaches Fu Nan, his friends and the village people things that they will always fondly remember. 

Listen to this Chinese tale and find out how the beggar with his magic, entered the life of the village and and never escaped their memories. 

Story Title: भिक्षुक का जादू 
Authors: Margaret Chang and Raymond Chang
Illustrator: David A. Johnson
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Jalashree Shrikhande



Full Story
Read the full story in Hindi

More on the story

About the author – Margaret Chang
About the illustrator – David A. Johnson


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