तीन नन्हे खरगोश (The Three Little Rabbits)


The Three Little Rabbits, the Balkan version of The Three Little Pigs, is a story that teaches children the importance of age old wisdom as doors of freedom and independence open for the little rabbits.

The three little rabbits were old enough to move out of their father’s house to make their own home and live on their own. Before they left, their father advised them to dig a hole and make a burrow to be able to get protection from wolves. Each rabbit had their own idea of what they wanted their home to be. One builds a comfortable nest, the other builds a spacious hut and the third one takes the advice and creates a deep burrow with a soft bed. Listen to the story to find out whose house protects the rabbit the best.

Story Title: तीन नन्हे खरगोश 
Author: Ivan Gantschev
Illustrator: Ivan Gantschev
Translation: Unknown
Storyteller: Neha Sharma



Story: Three Rabbits

Storyteller: Tony Illustrated English
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About the author and illustrator – Ivan Gantschev




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