जासूस जमील और दूध चोर



ameel, a young boy loves to play the detective. Jameel discovered that one of his goats was giving less milk. He suspected that his friend Nandu was stealing milk from the goat. In the pursuit of catching the thief red-handed, Jameel goes through a lot of trouble just to find out the most unexpected truth!

Story Title: जासूस जमील और दूध चोर
Author: Chandan Yadav
Source: Chakmak Magazine
Storyteller: Priya Garg
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About the author

Chandan Yadav has worked as an editor for several children’s magazines and writes regularly on educational and social issues for multiple newspapers and magazines. Yadav is currently working on the school development program for Eklavya and supporting teacher training for the development of learning materials and lesson plans.


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