चिम्पैंज़ियों की सखी जेन गुडल 


“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” – Jane Goodall

Born in 1934, London, Jane Goodall’s  first spark of interest in wildlife was through her stuffed toy chimpanzee – Jubilee and books like Tarzan and Dr. Dolittle. Initiated from childhood, this Englishwoman’s love for the forests and animals takes her to the forests of Tanzania where she conducts research on the genetically closest living species to humans – wild chimpanzees, for 60 years. Unlike other scientific researchers, Goodall treated the chimpanzees as more than subjects for her research; she recognized them as individuals, gave them names, made friends, closely studies patterns of family and community in the species and revolutionised primate study with path-breaking insights.

Listen to this story on the life of a humanist, scientist, photographer and wildlife conservationist.

Story Title: चिम्पैंज़ियों की सखी जेन गुडल 
Author: Ashutosh Upadhyay
Storyteller: Vandita Gauba


Story: Jane’s Interview
Channel: Human The Movie
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