एक लड़की जिसे किताबो से नफरत थी (The Girl Who Hated Books)


Meena hated books. In a house full of books; books in the sink, books on the chair, even books in the refrigerator, Meena’s parents used to love reading and they kept getting more books but whenever they asked Meena if she wanted any book, the answer was always an angry “no”. One day, Max, Meena’s cat got stuck on a tower of books that Meena’s parents had gotten for her. When Meena tried to help Max, the books spilled all across the floor and the characters from these books – prince, rabbits, baby elephants and other wild animals, came alive and started creating a huge ruckus!

Listen to the story to find out how Meena sent the animals back to their books and how she made new friends with something that she hated before.

Story Title: एक लड़की जिसे किताबो से नफरत थी
Author: Manjusha Pawagi
Illustrator: Jyoti Hiremath
Storyteller: Zoya Abbas


Story: The Girl Who Hated Books
Author: Manjusha Pawagi
Storyteller: NBF
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